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About Us

India posses the most bewitching scenery, the most dense forests, the highest mountains, some of the biggest & pious rivers, arid & treeless deserts and beautiful seasons & festivals in short all the leading features of other lands. Indian heritage, culture and nature are well known for touching lives, bridging distances, healing rifts and building bonds. To discover India we have established Atithi.

Atithi - A Venture of travelers for travelers by travelers...

Atithi - very usual name with highest values as per Indian tradition and culture. We truly understand "ATITHI DEVO BHAVA". Our prime objective is to blossom soul of our clients by providing quality services & creating quality "client experience". Experience of relationship is a core essence and prime driver for us.

Atithi - a pure Indian destination management company is busy delivering client oriented services as per client's needs throughout 24x7. The biggest differentiator that Atithi offers is the deep understanding of clients' & their needs. Our 50+ years of managerial experience in hospitality industry & well established network facilitated us to deliver value of each penny you spend, same time we are eager & open to learn new things and explore any sort of your destination needs.

So if you are looking for that big service differentiator, please visit us once and be ours. Your smallest experience with us will always remind you that you have come to the right spot & definitely bind you with us.

Atithi wishes you "Happy Journey"